• searchaustinhomes.com

    Redesign, rebuild, and relaunch of a massive real estate lead capture website for Austin’s Regent Property Group.

    Migrated client’s site off of Real Estate Webmasters to a bespoke WordPress website using the Showcase IDX real estate plugin.

    Project Description

    • Designed and built a mobile-first, fast, and accessible WordPress theme from scratch
    • Re-platformed massive legacy site with 3,000 raw HTML pages in a flat url structure into a hierarchical, database-driven content management system
    • Built new analytics and reporting capabilities in Google Analytics & Search Console
    • SEO-first: semantic markup, keyword-researched core page metadata, pre and post launch SEO audits and site crawls
    • Google AMP integration on blog pages
    • Tech stack: WordPress, Showcase IDX, Bootstrap, Vue.js
    • Integrations: Salesforce, Google Analytics & Search Console, Zapier
    Visit searchaustinhomes.com
    Visit searchaustinhomes.com


    • Increased leads 250% increase in leads, 2x lead conversion rate
    • Higher search rankings & more traffic – 2x clicks, .6% increase in CTR, avg. page position increase from 34.7 to 30.5
    • Better content strategy – identified patterns in high-value and low-performing content, culled 1,000s of poor-performing pages, refocused content creation efforts towards high-value content

  • oakcreekhomes.com – Home & Dealer Filter UIs

    A collaboration with site designer and core site developer Freestone Design.

    Built two interactive filtering pages embedded as a Vue.js single-page application into a WordPress installation.

    • Implemented a floorplan filtering UI to find and display manufactured home floorplans given floorplan criteria
    • Built a dealer locator UI to find and display nearby manufactured home dealers
    • Created database models to represent floorplans, dealers, and dealers’ home inventories
    • Exposed custom REST endpoints to find and filter floorplans and dealers by location and other criteria
    • Designed and implemented application architecture using Vue.js (with Vuex, Vue Router), Axios, Bootstrap.js
    • Built custom filtering UI components
    • Integrations with Google Maps and Zip Code API
    Visit oakcreekhomes.com – Home & Dealer Filter UIs
    Visit oakcreekhomes.com – Home & Dealer Filter UIs


    • Delivered industry-leading filtering UX – real estate IDX-style filtering and sorting for home floorplans and dealer locations
    • Easy inventory management – custom inventory management system makes updating inventory simple
    • SPAs w/ routing in WordPress – complex JavaScript component framework magic with routing and everything, all within a standard WordPress install

  • dallasgaragefloorcoatings.com

    Designed and built a fast, SEO-friendly lead capture website for Dallas-area garage floor contractor Glow Coatings.

    • Designed a simple, modern, and responsive lead-generation site
    • Bespoke WordPress theme built for speed and SEO
    • SEO-first: keyword-driven content strategy, standards-based markup
    • Competitor research, domain name selection, content generation
    Visit dallasgaragefloorcoatings.com
    Visit dallasgaragefloorcoatings.com


    • Actively generating organic search leads
    • Ranking top-ten in multiple targeted keyword phrases
    • Consolidated clients’ lead intake into a single funnel
    • 10%+ lead conversion rate